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Programme for Accreditation of Rural Tourism ‘Train the Trainer’ (PART-RTI)

I am pleased to announce that as a result of all our hard work at the beginning of this year that our application for a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project has been successful. This Partnership Project includes members from across the EU with partners from the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and two partners from Ireland.

The awarding of this project from Leonardo da Vinci is welcome and will enable our Network to offer additional benefits to our members through accredited training.  We will be a good position to commence our project immediately because the majority of project partners are familar with each other through our network of Rural Tourism Trainers.  The aim of our Partnership Project is the ‘Accreditation of Rural Tourism International Training Network (RTITN) rural tourism ‘train the trainer’ programme in each of the partner countries to meet national standards and to achieve international recognition’.

Final details are currently being agreed with Leonardo, but tentatively we are planning to hold our first meeting in Cavan / Monaghan, Ireland on the 1st and 2nd October 2009.  We are looking forward to progressing this project, developing our network and offering further rural training initiatives to interested parties in the near future.  We will make further information available through this blog in the coming weeks and months.

With the support of the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union

With the support of the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union


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Project Synergy

The SYNERGY project, which enabled the amalgamation of all funded tourism related training programmes ended in July 2008. For RTI-TN it provided a good chance to reinforce and expand our network. It gave the us the opportunity to organise the SYNERGY conference and the Train-the-Trainers courses both in Austria and Hungary.  Without Leonardo funding this would not have been possible.


Unfortunately the application for the new project, GOFORWARD (2008) was rejected by the European Commission in Brussels. The plan was to have one big project, a “Thematic Network Project” based on the overall conclusions of the SYNERGY conference. In the Board Meeting of November 2008 it was decided to change policy and develop a number of smaller projects. We are now working on an application for a Leonardo “Partnership Project” and possibly a Leonardo “Innovation Project” on accreditation of our ‘train the trainers’ programme.

We are also interested in hearing from other organisations interested in this area from countries outside of the EU.


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