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Project Synergy

The SYNERGY project, which enabled the amalgamation of all funded tourism related training programmes ended in July 2008. For RTI-TN it provided a good chance to reinforce and expand our network. It gave the us the opportunity to organise the SYNERGY conference and the Train-the-Trainers courses both in Austria and Hungary.  Without Leonardo funding this would not have been possible.


Unfortunately the application for the new project, GOFORWARD (2008) was rejected by the European Commission in Brussels. The plan was to have one big project, a “Thematic Network Project” based on the overall conclusions of the SYNERGY conference. In the Board Meeting of November 2008 it was decided to change policy and develop a number of smaller projects. We are now working on an application for a Leonardo “Partnership Project” and possibly a Leonardo “Innovation Project” on accreditation of our ‘train the trainers’ programme.

We are also interested in hearing from other organisations interested in this area from countries outside of the EU.


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