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VET cooperation opportunities through Leonardo

Carolien van der Laan and I attended the Leonardo da Vinci contact seminar held in Dublin at the end of September.  It was a well organised seminar with lots of opportunities to meet potential project partners from the Vocational Education Training sector from across Europe. 

There were in excess of 100 delegates present at the seminar from 22 countries in Europe.  The seminar provided opportunities for networking and meeting new potential partners for Leonardo programmes.  There also was plenty of useful information and it was good to find out that a database portal of Leonardo funded projects call ADAM exists.  It is a good way to identify if your project idea is unique and whether something similar has already been undertaken elsewhere in Europe. 

Ms. Joanne Basztura Leonardo da Vinci Programme Manager, European Commission provided an insightful presentation on ‘VET Policies’ by providing clear guidelines on the importance of the Copenhagen process.  One of the priorities of the Copenhagen process struck me as integral to any VET project by ‘Improving the links between VET and the labour market’. 

Personally, I found the “pitch a project” session interesting, particularly in the Transfer of Innovation project category.  There have clearly been some excellent projects throughout Europe developed with assistance from Leonardo.  One project that caught my attention was; ‘Eurocatering language training’ a web-based language course to enable students to learn vocabulary and communicative skills for placement in a foreign kitchen or restaurant.  This project has benefits for all small tourism enterprises across Europe to communicate with their European clients.

Networking at Leonardo Contact Seminar

Networking at Leonardo Contact Seminar

We presented in the Transfer of Innovation “pitch a project” session with a view to expanding our current RTi-PART Leonardo project to develop a new project to deliver our ‘rural tourism Train the Trainers’ programme with new partners.  We are currently working on this proposal and are interested in discussing possibilities with new partners.  Whilst at the seminar, we established some new contacts and we are looking forward to pursuing these contacts further in the coming weeks.


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