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Project Partners second meeting in Romania

The second meeting of the PART-RTi Leonardo Partnership Project was held on the 10th and 11th of December 2009 in rural Translyvania, Romania.  Our meeting was held in the beautiful rural location of Sâncraiu (Kalotaszentkirály) village, approximately 50 kilometres West of the Cluj-Napoca city.  We were well looked after by our host Mr. István Vincze-Kecskés who offered us excellent hospitality in the village. 

During the festive holiday period time is devoted to family and other activites are forgotten for a few weeks and that included this blog!  It is the begining of a new decade and within our project partnership we are fast approaching our next project meeting in Bavaria.  So the time has come to update this blog and I am delighted to report that our 2nd meeting was a success.  Collectively all of our project partners have become familiar with the project objectives and are working towards our agreed goals.

Rural Tourism Partners meet in Translyvania, Romania

Partners discussing national accreditation systems in Europe

Whilst this was our second meeting we were still getting to know each other and were clarifying the project objectives.  It is a priviledge to have the opportuity to work with a diverse group of professionals from accross Europe in the field of rural tourism.  At each meeting there are always new challenges and it is not easy to come to an agreement on certain tasks.  These challenges are presented in the form of communication difficulties through the language of our project which is English.  Those of us for whom English is our first language have to keep reminding ourselves to slow down and ensure our points are being understood.  There are always a few new faces at each meeting and this presents another challenge in trying to maintain the focus of the project on track.

During the meeting, we gained knowledge from each other on how the accreditation systems of each of the partner country operates.  There are many similarities and some obstacles to overcome, but we all agreed that we would work as a team towards the development of a common syllabi.  Our aim is to have our rural tourism ‘train the trainer’ programme acheiving national accreditation standard in each of the partner countries. 

The main priority for the partners for the next meeting is to reach a consensus on the Irish accreditation template which has been led by Kevin McLoughlin from Athlone Institute of Technology.  In addition, we will be agreeing the timeframe for accreditation delivery in each of the partner countries over the coming year and half of our project.

2nd Meeting Group Picture of Partners in Romania

Project Partner Countries include Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Romania

We are now at the stage where we will be inviting national and international silent partners to participate in our project.  We are seeking further guidance from international experts and wish to raise awareness about our project among those involved in Vocational Education Training and organisations who promote high standards in tourism training.  We will be sending out emails over the coming weeks, but if you have an interest in our work please post a comment here.

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Partners meeting in Cluj Napoca, Romania

I am delighted to inform you all that we had a sucessful preparatory meeting in the Babes-Bolyai University (BBU), Cluj-Napoca last week and are now busy preparing our Leonardo Partnership Application which needs to be submitted by the 20th February.

 The meeting was productive and positive, with some very good proposals coming forward.  Essentially we have kept the project simple and that we would use this opportunity to work closer together to develop more ambitious plans in the future.  I have outlined the core outcomes and actions which were agreed at the meeting below:

  1. we will submit a Leonardo Partnership Application by 20th February
  2. Project name: ‘Programme for Accreditation of Rural Tourism ‘Train the Trainer’ (Acronym: PART – RTI)
  3. Main Aim of Partnership Project: ‘Accreditation of RTITN Train the Trainer programme in each of the partner countries to meet national standards and to achieve international recognition’
  4. Cavan Monaghan Rural Development (CMRD – Ireland) will be coordinating partner and that the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT – Netherlands) will act as supporting partner
  5. the Working language of the partnership is English
  6. We currently have two partners from Ireland and Romania, one from Bulgaria, Germany and the Netherlands

We were treated to wonderful hospitality by all that we met in Romania and also had an opportunity to visit some excellent rural development projects in Transylvania.

I would like to extend my particular thanks to Dr. Silvia Irimiea, Mr. Zoltan Pal from BBU and Ms. Teodora Borghoff for their hospitality and professionalism in organising our meeting.

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