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RTITN Mission and Vision 2010

Rural Tourism International Training Network has been working to improve the quaility of training on offer to rural entrepreneurs and trainers since the network was established in 2003.  The majority of our members met earlier this year at our General Assembly meeting and revised our overall mission and vision as follows;

RTITN Mission:  RTITN is a training network which is focused on Rural Tourism as a way of improving the quaility of life for rural communities.

The vision of RTITN: To provide a network for trainers in Rural Tourism, to exchange knowledge, experience and best practice.  To develop courses for entrepreneurship in rural tourism in accordance with the needs of the sector whilst incorporating the most up-to-date research available.

Training Network Members 2010

Network seeks to attract new members

This network has dedicated and hard-working members who are interested in developing this network further.  This can only be done by attracting new members from various sectors including;  trainers, small to medium rural enterprises and from larger training institutions.  We would like to receive your thoughts and comments on our network, what we do and how you could become involved in our network.


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RTITN General Assembly 2010

The last RTITN General Assembly meeting was held in September 2007 in Hungary.  This planned meeting will help to re-establish the focus of the network and hopefully find ways for increased cooperation between all members.  We have received interest from a number of members in relation to our General Assembly meeting which will be held in the Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone, Ireland on the 26th and 27th May. 

The invitation is open to all current members to attend this meeting. I have outlined some of the activities that have been planned as part of our General Assembly below.  This meeting is being organised to coincide with our Leonardo Partnership project meeting and further details about the costs for members will be sent by email early next week. 

Draft GA Agenda:

Wednesday 26th May

7.00 to 11.15   Arrive Dublin Airport

11.30               Depart Dublin Airport by coach to Athlone

13.00               Arrive Athlone Institute of Technology ( where lunch will be served.

13.30 – 14.30   RTITN Board Meeting meeting

13.45               Tour of Athlone Institute of Technology’s Tourism, catering and hospitality department

 14.30 – 17.30  General Assembly meeting: details will be sent to members via email.

 Note: All members are requested to submit any proposals in respect of new project ideas for inclusion in our workplan / training plan in advance of our GA meeting.

Thursday 27th May

 9.00 to 13.00                Training Workshop

–          Examples of andragogy tools in practice based on the theme of PART-RTi ‘Train the Trainers’ programme

–          Interactive training workshop which will be delivered by trainers from 3 RTITN member countries

–          The workshop will be include open discussion about adult training techniques across EU and other member countries (more info on workshop)

13.00             Lunch

14.00             Leonardo Project Partners attend academic standards and quality committee to defend accreditation of ‘Rural Tourism – Trainer the Trainer Course’

15.00 – 16.00   Official Launch of RTITN’s Accreditation of the ‘Rural Tourism – Train the Trainer Course’

We are inviting all RTITN member country Ambassadors who are based in Ireland to attend this launch and we hope to entice a senior Irish Government Minister to launch this training course.

17.00   River Cruise on Shannon followed by dinner

It has taken some time to finalise details for our General Assembly and this could not have been down without the support of Athlone Institute of Technology.  This is an excellent opportunity for our network to grow and re-focus our plans for the future.

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