Project Dissemination?

What does project dissemination mean? For others who work in the commercial world and not funded through EU cooperation projects would call it marketing or promotion or publicity.  For me it is all of these and perhaps a little more in the case of our Leonardo Partnership Project.

We have been lucky of enough to be supported through the EU Leonardo Programme and for me it is important to inform others of the work that has been undertaken as a part of our project.  Dissemination is an important element of any project and it is essential to ensure that as wide an audience as possible knows about our work, Leonardo opportunities and potential for future collaborations.

Sometimes, project partners are not familiar with the need to communicate beyond the realms of the immediate project partnership.  This blog has provided a platform for our project partners to communicate and as means of showing others the benefits of our project.  Sometimes each partner needs encouragement to conduct their own dissemination activities, in their own languages. 

Our Romanian colleagues have added details to there own website in the Hungarian language and also had an article publicished in a local newspaper in the Romanian language. The collective efforts of the partners ensures that our project is widely disseminated throughout the EU and within each partners countries. See some of our partner dissemination activity links below which are related to the recent launch of our ‘train the trainer’ programme:

In Romania: ‘Train the Trainer’ in Antreprenoriatul Rural a fost lansat

In Romania:  newspaper article regarding Tourism Training Centre.

In English: Local newspaper in Ireland: Rural Entrepreneurship in AIT

National Rural Network blog article in Ireland


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RTITN Mission and Vision 2010

Rural Tourism International Training Network has been working to improve the quaility of training on offer to rural entrepreneurs and trainers since the network was established in 2003.  The majority of our members met earlier this year at our General Assembly meeting and revised our overall mission and vision as follows;

RTITN Mission:  RTITN is a training network which is focused on Rural Tourism as a way of improving the quaility of life for rural communities.

The vision of RTITN: To provide a network for trainers in Rural Tourism, to exchange knowledge, experience and best practice.  To develop courses for entrepreneurship in rural tourism in accordance with the needs of the sector whilst incorporating the most up-to-date research available.

Training Network Members 2010

Network seeks to attract new members

This network has dedicated and hard-working members who are interested in developing this network further.  This can only be done by attracting new members from various sectors including;  trainers, small to medium rural enterprises and from larger training institutions.  We would like to receive your thoughts and comments on our network, what we do and how you could become involved in our network.

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Train the Trainer in Rural Entrepreneurship Launched

Professor O' Cathain acknowledges support of Leonardo & contribution of all project partners

Train the Train in rural entrepreneurship is launched

The ‘Train the Trainer’ module in rural entrepreneurship was launched in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), Ireland on the 27th May 2010.  At an international gathering of the Rural Tourism International Training Network the module was launched by the President of Athlone Institute of Technology, Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin.

This training module is unique in a number of different ways, mostly because the team that developed the module are from various organisational backgrounds and countries.  This team of academics and rural development agencies have worked together to improve the standard of training available in rural areas for enterprise development beyond the remit their normal daily duties.  It was also unique to have the experience of defending this training module in front of an academic council in Athlone Institute of Technology.  This was done in the spirit of partnership and as a team which worked well together. 

This accredited ‘train the trainer’ rural entrepreneurship module will provide a vocational education training which will embody the competences of rural entrepreneurship and establishes clear guidelines on the competences of an effective rural entrepreneur trainer.  We will continue to seek accreditation in the remaining partner countries and will endeavour to raise awareness about this course as tool for rural development accross the EU and beyond.

AIT highlights support for the Train the Trainer in rural entrepreneurship module

Project Partnership acheives accreditation for training module

Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin complimented the work of the partnership and highlighted the core thinking behind this module by saying that; ‘At the heart of this Train the Trainer module is recognition of the needs of rural entrepreneurs for short, focused training programmes to develop the knowledge, capabilities and skills of their staff. By equipping rural entrepreneurs to offer training to their own local communities it invokes a powerful model of peer-to-peer learning. Such an approach is cognisant of the learning which people do everyday in their jobs and builds on that experiential process.’

We are interested in attracting further interest from potential partners whom may wish to have this course delivered in their area.  Initially we hope that this training may prove to be attractive to LEADER companies.  We will add some case study examples of how rural entrepreneurs in Ireland and Quebec, Canada have benefited from pilot versions of this programme todate.

International RTITN member from Quebec, Canada delighted with module launch

At the launch, the speakers included John Toland and Mary Mullen from Cavan-Monaghan LEADER and Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin from AIT.  All speakers acknowledged the valuable support of the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme in this project.

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Invitation to Launch of Train the Trainer

Our plans have come together for the launch our ‘Train the Trainer’ (Rural Entrepreneurship) programme in Athlone on Thursday 27th May at 15.00 hours.  We have colleagues from a number of tourism organisations and training institutions from eight European countries and Canada coming to the launch and other related events.  We have invited Ambassadors from each of the countries, Fáilte Ireland, Leargas and Government to our launch.

We are excited about this launch as it is a cumulation of work that has been ongoing for the last two to three years.  Within the context of our current Leonardo project this is an important milestone and we are working towards accreditation in a further three EU countries.  This module is ideally targeted at either 1. rural entrepreneurs who wish to offer training to their wider local communities in the skills of rural tourism/entrepreneurship or 2. trainers who currently operate in the public/private sector to become proficient in training adults in rural areas.

As a network of organisations from a wider variation of bodies internationally we are focussed on developing training to meet the needs of communities specifically within the rural tourism sector.  During our planned meeting we will also be endeavouring to develop initial plans for new projects.  Some ideas include online learning, training for ecotourism and accreditation of training modules which be delivered by our trainers.  With this in mind, we are interested in welcoming new members who wish to become in developing these ideas in to projects for the future.

Since this programme of events is happening in Ireland, we welcome anyone who is involved in delivery of tourism related training or involved in delivery of the LEADER Rural Development Programme to come along to our launch.  Equally you may be interested in attending our training workshop, which will be delivered by trainers from Bulgaria, Ireland and Romania on the morning of the 27th May.

If interested in attending, it is essential that you email John Toland from Cavan-Monaghan LEADER immediately. There are limited places left for the workshop.

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RTITN General Assembly 2010

The last RTITN General Assembly meeting was held in September 2007 in Hungary.  This planned meeting will help to re-establish the focus of the network and hopefully find ways for increased cooperation between all members.  We have received interest from a number of members in relation to our General Assembly meeting which will be held in the Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone, Ireland on the 26th and 27th May. 

The invitation is open to all current members to attend this meeting. I have outlined some of the activities that have been planned as part of our General Assembly below.  This meeting is being organised to coincide with our Leonardo Partnership project meeting and further details about the costs for members will be sent by email early next week. 

Draft GA Agenda:

Wednesday 26th May

7.00 to 11.15   Arrive Dublin Airport

11.30               Depart Dublin Airport by coach to Athlone

13.00               Arrive Athlone Institute of Technology ( where lunch will be served.

13.30 – 14.30   RTITN Board Meeting meeting

13.45               Tour of Athlone Institute of Technology’s Tourism, catering and hospitality department

 14.30 – 17.30  General Assembly meeting: details will be sent to members via email.

 Note: All members are requested to submit any proposals in respect of new project ideas for inclusion in our workplan / training plan in advance of our GA meeting.

Thursday 27th May

 9.00 to 13.00                Training Workshop

–          Examples of andragogy tools in practice based on the theme of PART-RTi ‘Train the Trainers’ programme

–          Interactive training workshop which will be delivered by trainers from 3 RTITN member countries

–          The workshop will be include open discussion about adult training techniques across EU and other member countries (more info on workshop)

13.00             Lunch

14.00             Leonardo Project Partners attend academic standards and quality committee to defend accreditation of ‘Rural Tourism – Trainer the Trainer Course’

15.00 – 16.00   Official Launch of RTITN’s Accreditation of the ‘Rural Tourism – Train the Trainer Course’

We are inviting all RTITN member country Ambassadors who are based in Ireland to attend this launch and we hope to entice a senior Irish Government Minister to launch this training course.

17.00   River Cruise on Shannon followed by dinner

It has taken some time to finalise details for our General Assembly and this could not have been down without the support of Athlone Institute of Technology.  This is an excellent opportunity for our network to grow and re-focus our plans for the future.

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Andragogy in Practice; half day workshop.

We have been discussing various teaching strategies, course syllabus and accreditation as part of our Leonardo funded project for nearly a year now.  We have trainers from several countries accross Europe involved in our project and from our network.  As a result, we thought that we would use our next project meeting and network General Assembly as an opportunity to share some of our learning strategies with you.

We would like to invite you to a half-day workshop entitled ‘Andragogy in Practice’ on Thursday 27th May 2010 in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland. Our trainers will demonstrate examples of learning strategies based on the theme of rural tourism ‘train the trainer’ program.  This interactive workshop will be delivered in English by experienced trainers from Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania and Switzerland using a range of adult learning strategies. 

This workshop is targeted at all trainers involved in delivering programmes to adults and particularly to those in the tourism sector.  We want to use this workshop to explore the best case examples of learning strategies which are used by colleagues throughout the EU.  This is also an opportunity for trainers to meet likeminded colleagues from different organisations and countries in the field of tourism training.

The workshop will be delivered between 9.00 & 13.00 in AIT and will form part of our RTITN General Assembly and Partnership Project meeting. We are also planning a networking activity in the afternoon for all trainers in the the afternoon and further details will be confirmed here in the coming weeks.  There will be no fee for RTITN members and a booking fee will be required from non-members.  If you are interested, please in the first instance contact us by commenting on this blog and we will keep you updated about our plans as they are confirmed.

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RTITN submits Leonardo TOI application

In the frame of the Leonardo da Vinci LLP program call 2010 a proposal for a Transfer of Innovation project has been submitted. It is called TRANS RTI – Transfer of RTI-TN’s training methodology in rural tourism to Turkey, Romania and the Netherlands. With this proposal RTI-TN aims to export its training methodology and experience.

 The project proposal encompasses the following activities in Turkey, Romania and the Netherlands:

  1. Needs analysis; a description of the state-of-the-art of the rural tourism (training) sector in importing partner countries. What kind of training is given, which methodologies are being used. What is requested? In the Netherlands there will also be an investigation to the competences of entrepreneurs.
  2. Presentation of RTI-TN methodology; best practices and project results
  3. Adaptation and translation of training materials
  4. RTI-TN Train-the-Trainers course: training of local, regional or national trainers in rural tourism
  5. Training for entrepreneurs according the RTI-TN methodology with the new training materials
  6. Evaluation

Partners are: from Turkey – the Menderes town national education directorate, from Romania – the Centre for Tourism Training, Faculty of Geography, Babes-Bolyai University, from the Netherlands there are 3 partners, 2 vocational schools Helicon Opleidingen and AOC Friesland and project coordinator ECEAT Netherlands. 

Partners who will have advisory roles in the project are: from Germany the Bavarian State Research Center of Agriculture, from Austria Landesfachschule Groebming and from Switzerland AGRIDEA.

We hope for positive result of this application and we can’t wait to start with the proposed activities. Our colleague Carolien van der Laan has put alot of hard work in to preparing this application.  RTITN continues to seek to deliver projects which can enhance rural tourism training.

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