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Rural Tourism International Training Network (RTI-TN) is an association for individual trainers, organisations and institutes dealing with rural tourism training.


The networking organisation has been in operation since 2003, formally as part of a Leonardo funded project and is now promoting a common approach to the delivery of Rural Tourism Training throughout Europe and internationally including the development of training material and the exchange of experiences. The network has also developed material which is being successfully delivered by a number of organisations throughout the EU.  The innovative training methods help Rural Tourism trainers to conduct TtT (Train the Trainer) courses in an interactive way, including adequate prior learning tasks.  Hence the main beneficiaries are tourism training institutions, licensed Rural Tourism Trainers and professional rural tourism societies.  Following training, knowledge can be carried forward to Rural Tourism entrepreneurs and service providers.

In 2007 RTI-TN held its Synergy Conference entitled ‘Towards international co-operation in Rural Tourism Training’. The
conference brought together a number bodies involved in the delivery of tourism training initiatives across Europe and its objective was to promote a common approach to the delivery of rural tourism training. Mr. Hans Grönlund, Swedish Leonardo Office was impressed by the fact that RTI-TN had maintained a viable network and that there was a number of countries from outside of the EU involved (including South Korea, Georgia & South Africa). Mr Grönlund said that; ‘It’s great that RTI-TN invite and include participants from countries outside EU, which is something that I will take home with me’.


If you are interested in RTI-TN or wish to add some of you own comments please let us know by leaving a comment on our page and we will reply to you.

RTITN Board are positive about rural tourism training opportunities

RTITN Board are positive about rural tourism training opportunities



  1. I am delighted that this blog has been started and it now provides RTITN with an opportunity to ensure that ALL members and potential members alike are kept uptodate with the Networks activities.
    This could not have done without the assistance of my colleague Grainne Curran (CMRD) and with input from all of the Board members of RTITN. I am looking forward to better communication and increased rural tourism training activity in 2009!

  2. Pal Hajas said

    Greetings from Hungary. I am pleased to take this opportunity to inform you and all concerned that the 1st European LEADER Expo will take place together with the International Tourism Fair in Budapest, Hungary from 26 February to 1 march 2009. Since rural tourism is in the primary focus of rural development activities and LEADER movement, I suggest that you inform your national or regional LEADER network to visit the above given website and consider sending in their registration form and proposal for this event. The Expo will offer a unic networking opportunity for RTI-TN members, individuals and organizations.

  3. I am happy to learn about your activity. I feel great need in arranging training seminars in rural tourism in our Baikal region, Russian Federation. I am looking for a partner university for the TEMPUS project linked with Higher education and Society at large with the focus on LLL and qualification framework. These are priorities for RF in TEMPUS this year. I know that EU universoties have started long implementing LLL in their activities. So, one onjective will be LLL strategy development and the second – LLL concept implementation through a RURAL tourism training curricula development and delivery.

  4. Marco Fachada said

    ADRAT is the promoter of a Leonardo da Vinci Project (AGRONATUR: http://project-agronatur.com/ for the transference of innovative training itineraries on Active Tourism and Nature Interpretation.

    One of our goals is the adhesion of some partners to other networks related with the thematic we are dealing with.

    In this way, we would like to know if it is possible that any of the project partners’ could integrate the partnership of Rural Tourism International and in what terms?

    Thank you.

    • ruraltourisminternational said

      I have been out of the country for the last couple of weeks. We always welcome new members to our Network of rural tourism trainers. As a vibrant network we are looking towards future opportunities to access further funding, develop accreditated rural tourism training programmes and deliver further rural tourism ‘train the trainer’ programmes. Follow the link below for further information on ‘how to join’ our network.
      In the meantime, I would be interested in any further ideas you would like to discuss about how we could cooperate.
      John Toland

  5. K Yogeswaran (yogi) said

    I am calling from South Africa. We are a development organization involved in various rural community economic developmetn activities. We have acknowledged the need for establising a community centred hospitality cum tourism training facility in the community. My aim of this communication is to check the possibility of you becomeing a development/ training partner in this endevour.
    Hoping to hear from you your comments, i remain.

  6. […] improve the quaility of training on offer to rural entrepreneurs and trainers since the network was established in 2003.  The majority of our members met earlier this year at our General Assembly meeting and […]

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