Conclusion for Project Partners

We are currently discussing the acheivements of our Leonardo Partnership Project and looking to the future on a farm guesthouse in Katwoude, Netherlands.  It is interesting to receive feedback from our partners in respect of what they have acheived personally and as an organisation from our project.  We have achieved our primary stated project goals and everyone has benefited in many ways from being involved in EU cooperation project.

I have asked each of the partners to share their thoughts on what they have gained from the project here and I will update later with more concrete outcomes of this project. We are continuing now with our preparation for our dissemination event which has been planned for tomorrow.

Meeting was held on farm B&B in Katwoude, Netherlands

The burning question now is to identify a way forward for our network and how our rural tourism training network can support its members.  This is our main objective for our meeting tomorrow.



  1. Zoltan Pal said

    I became more confident in the success of meetings as the time went on in our project. I was always adept of field work, but I realised that focused meetings between the partner institutes can lead to achieve the targeted goals.
    Getting aquainted with different educational systems in different countries widened my perspective about the lifelong learning methodology in other countries. The farming best practices visited during the project helped me to understand the gaps in Romanian way of running a farm.
    And of course it was a good opportunity to network with extraordinary people involved in this project.

  2. Sadly, we brought the Irish weather with us but the venue in the “Glass Box” is ideal. There is plenty of crossing of “T’s” and dotting of “I’s” for our final meeting but thankfully all of the aims and objectives have been met so there is plenty of discussion of the future of the partnership given our success in accrediting in four countries.

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